Monday, July 14, 2008

Competition: Write your own LazyView article!

Right, we've had some feedback. Not feedback on here obviously, that'd be too easy, but on cg. There are two schools of thought about how LazyView could do better.

1. We need to try harder.
2. We are trying too hard.

Now, on first view point 1 might seem the logical solution. If LazyView isn't working too well then we should put more work into it, try harder, post more etc. Obviously this view is totally WRONG! We didn't get where we are today by working harder when things got difficult. We got there by being lazy and letting the problem solve itself. Anyone can get rich by working hard. Where's the fun in that?

It's a simple problem, with a simple solution. If something needs doing, get someone else to do it for you! So with that in mind we're launching a new competition for you to become writers for LazyView! That's right, all you need to do is send us a contribution and if you are a winner we'll put your contribution on the site! WOW! What a prize! The best entrant of each month will be crowned Author of the Month and gain automatic entry into the LazyView Hall of Fame.

If you're really, really good we might even add you to the permanent staff of LazyView. You could become part of our thousand dollar empire! Sure, you'd be a very lowly unpaid part of the empire, more of a glorified tea boy/girl than anything else, but everyone has to start somewhere, and everyone needs hot caffeinated beverages made for them regularly.

So get writing and e-mail your submissions to letmedoyourworkforyou at, change the at to an @ obviously. We just don't want to be spammed.

You can write about any subject really, if you want to you can make some kind of loose pretence to link your article to laziness but it's not a requirement. Get writing!


Lurker the Second said...

Instructions were too complicated for me.

Mike said...

Looks like we set the intelligence filter at just about the right level.

Noisy said...

I've commented on at least two threads, and you want more? Greedy bastards.