Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You should have seen the cover I wanted to print.

Our printer ran out of its black ink cartridge the other day. The colour ones are still full. One of the reasons I bought the printer in the first place is that you can replace the cartridges individually for each colour. We hardly ever use it so this is a bonus.

Anyway, I have a full set of spare cartridges for it, one of each colour. I bought them when we got the printer. I can't find them. I think they are in the printer box, which was recently transferred into the loft.

So I found on Amazon I could get a pack of 8 black cartridges for £5... so I ordered them. Easier than going into the loft right?

Now I will be able to print out the Smell the Glove album cover if I want.

BTW 18 months since last update, impressive huh?