Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You should have seen the cover I wanted to print.

Our printer ran out of its black ink cartridge the other day. The colour ones are still full. One of the reasons I bought the printer in the first place is that you can replace the cartridges individually for each colour. We hardly ever use it so this is a bonus.

Anyway, I have a full set of spare cartridges for it, one of each colour. I bought them when we got the printer. I can't find them. I think they are in the printer box, which was recently transferred into the loft.

So I found on Amazon I could get a pack of 8 black cartridges for £5... so I ordered them. Easier than going into the loft right?

Now I will be able to print out the Smell the Glove album cover if I want.

BTW 18 months since last update, impressive huh?


DV said...

See, I always thought the due to the nature of the blog, being too lazy to post was the ultimate post on the laziness. The blog, or lack thereof, was the ultimate monument to our dedication to laziness.

Mike said...

Great, so I ruined it!

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