Thursday, January 29, 2009


So I've joined twitter and added my feed to the right hand side. Maybe it'll be stunningly exciting. Maybe it'll be shit and I'll get really bored really quickly.

This blogging more New Years Resolution isn't going too well is it?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I am an idiot

This is the title of the latest xkcd, which you really need to read to understand the rest of this blog, and I am highly ashamed to report I've done exactly the same thing. 

I was locked out of work, I got in through the front door with my key, but the keypad into the section of the building where our office is was jammed. I decided to call the people inside to let me in but my mobile phone battery was dead. I wandered round the corner and called them from a payphone and got let in.

Of course, I could just have gone outside the main front door and pressed the doorbell. D'oh!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Don't do it kid!

This is a great story for the new year. A couple of kids in Germany, aged 5 and 6, decided to go to Africa to get married. Packed their things and set off. Aah... how sweet. The Guardian has more on the story here.

It's a nice heartwarming story, probably one Disney could make into an extremely saccharine Christmas Movie staring Machauly Culkin in his prime. I would suggest to the filmmakers that they have the kids pursued by a couple of bungling slapstick burglars... well I guess they would potentially be bungling slapstick kidnappers in this case. Yeah, ok. Kidnappers. So the 3 kids set off for Africa with the bungling kidnappers in hot pursuit and a cute anthropomorphic talking pet to guide them on their way. In a typical Holywood change to the story we'd have to let our kids get a bit further than Hannover. (and start from New York).

They would probably have to convince the kindly (but slightly dumb) policeman that they meet at the station that  they were actually on their way to Africa to meet their parents and persuade him to help them get there. This isn't that unrealistic.

My little brother, in an episode that still makes my parents sweat when it's mentioned, once escaped the house and took himself to the park. Aged 2 or 3 he was luckily found by a very nice lady as he wandered down the road. She asked him what he was doing and where his mother was. He said he was going to the park (just across the road) and his mum was there. The lady took him to the park to find my mum where my mum did eventually find him.

So, the plot is clearly realistic. Something would need to happen in Africa, probably they'd stop a kindly leader being the victim of a coup our something before their parents eventually catch up with them. Plot sorted. Send me my "Based on a concept by..." millions please Holywood.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Years Resolution

Right. My New Years Resolution (I don't believe in them really) is to blog more, and blog better. 

You could say that if blogging more and better involves more effort on my part my resolution is actually against the principles of the site... and on a surface level you'd be right. But really blogging should be fun (otherwise why bother?) and it's perfectly acceptable to put effort into something you enjoy. Like my recent concentration on improving my darts game*.

Yeah, anyway I think in the past we've been too tied up by this concept of every post having to be about laziness, when actually as lazy people anything we want to talk about is naturally relevant. So, yeah, we'll see how long this resolution actually lasts for won't we!

I have a few games to write lazyviews for, so that might happen soon.

*I watched Phil Taylor demolish Barney in the PDC World Darts Final on Sunday night. It was phenomenal. He had a 3 dart average of over 109. The BDO championship looks really easy in comparison, at least there was one guy in the first round who played so badly I reckon I could have beaten him. Lakeside here I come! I got my first 180 the other day. Eat my darts!

All Hail Bad Science

My girlfriend (the word fiancé is weird and horrible sounding) got me Bad Science by Ben Goldacre for Christmas. It's a most excellent book which explains exactly why so much Science reporting, mainly in the area of health and diet, is so dodgy and in some cases downright dangerous.

It's also very readable and very funny. I picked it up to have a quick look on Christmas day and ended up reading half of it. Brilliant.

Oh and the author also has a website/blog at

Friday, January 2, 2009

If I could be bothered to get Mikey a present....

It would be more blogs from me.

Or a box of Life cereal.