Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I did one of the least lazy things possible

I got engaged. Thus creating a massive amount of organisation and work. D'oh. 

Monday, September 22, 2008

Break out the driver

Look, morons. Are you one of those people constantly driving down the road with 400 yards of open space in front of you? You're tooling down the road like an old man post prostate surgery as you say to yourself "Hmmm, traffic isn't so bad this morning!". I've got news for you assholes. It's because you're the god damn traffic jam. You're the half-wit stacking up cars and forming the very beginnings of a rush hour traffic jam. I'm sorry it makes you uncomfortable to get with 100 yards of another car but get the fuck out of the left lane, dickhead.

Where am I going with this? Well, some of you (both out there in the tubes of the internets and possibly even in an office downtown) may have noticed that a lot of things piss me off even more than usual when driving. What is it about driving that drives (ha ha! Puny pun pun pun!) me so crazy?

Well, here's the answer .... I'm lazy. I'm lazy and I'm not driving because it's fun. It's work. I'm driving because I'm going some place and your dumb ass is getting in my way. That place I'm going, the place you're stopping me from getting? That's where I want to be, not in my smelly car, looking at your retarded political and environmental bumper stickers, wondering how many times your parents dropped you on your head when you were a baby.

No you're probably not getting in my way intentionally, so maybe I could cut you some slack. Wrong, asshole. You're even worse that that. You're getting in my way because you're an idiot who can't follow the rules of the road and has his/her head jammed so far up their ass their spastic colon is clearly having an effect on driving ability. You're the same kind of idiot who blocks a drive thru because you don't know how to order and when you do, you order for 5 people and customize every detail of the order. The same kind of idiot who waits until the checkout person at the supermarket gives you your total before you even take out your checkbook. The same damn idiot who stops and stands in the middle of a hallway chatting on your cellphone.

Don't be an inconsiderate cock holster. Recognize where you are, what you need to do, and get the fuck out of everyone else's way.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

It doesn't seem very lazy but...

Having read this article about homebrewing I'm thinking that it could be about time I actually did it. It's something I've thought about doing for ages, ever since we were at school and one of our friends made a load in his loft. It ranged from a very pleasant light ale to the virtually undrinkable but lethally strong concoction, and that was just from the same barrel at different times. 

The article makes it sound spectacularly easy, and actually pretty cheap to get started. 

Plus the home brew shop he mentions is only about half an hour down the road. Hmm... 

Cheap beer with virtually no effort? What could possibly go wrong?

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

LazyViews: Rock Band

Just in time for the sequel to be released I bring to you....Guitar Hero with drums and a microphone! Or Rockband, as others may know it.


  • Fun to take the drums for a spin

  • Always hilarious to hear people sing off key

  • Still kinda fun to feel like a rock star


  • Takes up an entire room with peripherals

  • Drums make annoying tapping sound

  • Questionable peripheral quality

  • If you’re like me and have no friends, or people brave enough to play with you, it’s really kinda boring and just like any of the other dozens of rhythm and music games out there.

I get tired of shit really fast, and this seems like a genre that has set phasers to “repetitive”. Add on the slow, pocket draining hell of downloadable content and I think we’ll remember this as the high water point in the “overpriced buy extra peripherals rhythm game”. Though I imagine it will survive for some time as the tards out there continue to shell out money just so they can say they know how to play some random rock song. I was gonna list some example songs there, but then I realized just how many damn songs people want to rock to that don't come with the game.


Google Chrome has limited the web to 9 sites

Google launched their new browser, Chrome the a little while back. It's got lots of handy little features and a lot of interesting stuff going on in the back end. One of the new concepts is the idea that instead of a homepage it opens a little summary page with your most used 9 sites on it. Which is really handy.

The only downside is that since I started using Chrome, I've noticed that I've hardly gone anywhere outside my most used 9 sites. Hmm.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Does excessive DRM actually encourage piracy?

So, Spore is on it's way to becoming the most pirated game ever

If you've missed the online shitstorm I'll summarise, the game only allows you to install it 3 times. Now, I'm not one of those gamers uninstall games once they have played them for a bit and then re-installs them at some later date when they fancy playing again. I'm too lazy for that, I'd just buy a bigger disk. If I was I expect that'd be annoying. Even so, I do have games like Civilisation 2 and Doom II that I've installed multiple times on multiple computers way more than 3. And I've had 3 installs of XP on my current computer, all of which have required all my games to be re-installed. 

Apparently you can phone those evil bastards at EA, tell them your tale of woe and they will give you more installs. 

On the other hand, all this has just been seen as a fun challenge to game crackers and pirates. People used to download cracked versions of games that they'd bought legitimately to get around "must have CD in drive" type protection because they were too lazy to keep swapping disks and it sounds like lots of people are downloading cracked versions of Spore, even though they own it, just to get around the DRM. 

On the opposite end of the scale was this piece from Positech Games talking about being inspired by pirates to make better cheaper games that people wanted to pay for.

So, I think DRM encourages pirates. What do you think?

ps. I'm hoping to get a (legitimate) free copy of Spore at some point soon so I'll endeavour to write one of our excellent LazyViews about it. You should really read the one Danny's had in draft for 2 months about Rock Band.