Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The Space Game

The Casual Collective have released their latest online game. The Space Game. It's a single player strategy game where you have to build structures in space, mine rocks and defend your base from pirates. 

Quite a lot of fun! 

Friday, February 6, 2009

Why does shared misery make you feel better?

This week's bad weather has created all kinds of interesting transport situations. This morning I had 2 trains cancelled and was on my third platform of the morning waiting for the third train. It was scheduled to be the second train on that platform. All good. Then, suddenly, just as a train approached the platform there was a correction to the schedule and my train was now going to be the first train to arrive. ie. The train now approaching the platform. So was it really? Was this one going to stop at Twyford where I wanted to get off or take us all the way non-stop to London. Dunno really. The info screens have been so screwed all week that I just can't trust them. It was freezing on the platform though and the worst that could happen really was that I'd get a trip to London on a nice warm train. So I thought fuck it, I'll get on.

So I'm sitting down and I get my book out but this blonde girl sits down behind me and asks if the train stops at Twyford and Maidenhead.  I said I hope so 'cause that's where I'm going but I don't really know 'cause I just got on and I'm in the same boat as her. And she's happy. And I am a bit more happy too. Whatever happens, we both know that at least one other person is going to be screwed if we're on the wrong train so it's not so bad. 

If you're going to have some shit happen to you, it's best if you have company. Is it the same with redundancy? Does it make you feel better or worse if your work friends are made redundant with you?

Lazy Quotes

Only the mediocre are always at their best.
- Jean Giraudoux

How is this a lazy quote? Fuck you. That's how.

Yeah, it's short blog, so what? I'm easing myself back in to things.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

LazyViews: World Snooker Championship Real 08


Play snooker on your Wii!


  • A really great well modeled snooker game, as much fun as Jimmy White's snooker on the Amiga
  • Highly addictive, I've been playing for hours at a time.
  • It has all the real snooker players modeled into the game. 
  • Lots of other cue sports to try, shame you can only play most of them in practice mode.
  • The cue attachment really makes it feel like real snooker.
  • It sometimes feels very hard, it can be crushing when one of the top players demolishes you in one visit to the table.
  • Limited play modes, the only one with any real depth is the snooker season mode. 
  • No online multiplay (this is criminal!)
  • If you don't like snooker it'll be of absolutely no interest to you.
  • The cue attachment feels a bit flimsy. I'm sure I'm going to snap it every time I whack it on my head in frustration at another bad/frame losing shot.

A really, really great snooker game and one of the best sports games on the Wii, or on any console. The cue really does make a difference. It's just a shame it's not a bit more sturdy! You could probably gaffer tape a wiimote to a real snooker cue for the same affect though. What it lacks in breadth in gameplay it makes up for in depth. Would have scored a 9 if you could play multiplayer online. 


8/10 Read the Eurogamer scoring policy

More Twitter

Right. Now I've added a twitterfeed so any blog posts I make here get updated to my twitter automatically. But I need to actually blog to see that working. So I'm going to try that now. They will then also appear at the right hand side of this blog where my twitter feed appears. 

Possibly this will cause some kind of feedback loop that will take the whole internet down.

Yeah, I know. Crap blog, maybe I should actually blog about something useful!