Monday, October 22, 2007

Can you turn work into a game?

An article I read today on the BBC website tells how some companies are trying to use the techniques being developed in massively multiplayer online games (MMOs) to develop business practices. The idea is that online gamers are brilliant at remote collaboration and these practices can help with collaboration within companies.

"Hi, I'm Mike38, I'm new to the deployment team. Could someone run me through the procedure for deploying a new system?"
"stfu n00b!"

I am nerdy enough to like the idea of projects being quests, being rewarded for achievements with 'online gold'. I'm sure we could work something out in terms of Promotions/Leveling-up too. Maybe it would make work more fun, or maybe it'd be one of those MMO's crippled by tedious grinding. (this is where you have to perform boring repetitive tasks to advance, I don't really know, I'm too lazy to play MMOs they seem to take up too much of your life).

ps. Congratulations also go to English sport in a week where our sportsmen have been too lazy to win anything.

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